6 Tips to Learn More English Vocabulary Words

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One of the videos in our series on Improving Your English Skills focuses on improving your vocabulary.

A visitor named Suman wrote this: "thanks for the video.......but there are so may new words to learn." He continued by asking how to start improving his vocabulary. And he wanted to know where he should start.

Well, I do recommend watching the video on improving your vocabulary. It's only three and a half minutes long, and it is full of great tips on improving your vocabulary. We will include a link to that video in the text below this video.

But what else can you do? I recommend using a picture dictionary. On one page, you can see pictures of many different things with labels. Some picture dictionaries use only English.

Now I have good news for English learners, and I have bad news. The bad news is that there are 1 million words in the English language. The good news is that if you know just 2,000 words and their word families, you can understand 90 to 95 percent of everyday English usage. The 2,000 most frequently used words make up a list called the General Service List.

We're going to include a link to that list below this video. I recommend that you know the words in that list.

Flash cards can be really helpful, too. Put the English word on one side, and put the same word in your language on the other side. You can make your own flash cards, or you can use a flash card app for your phone that downloads flashcards from Quizlet.com. It may be that Quizlet.com already has flash cards in your language for learning English. I use an app for learning French vocabulary, and it's really helpful.

Flash cards are great, but you also need to learn a word in its context. That's why our video on improving your vocabulary recommends seeing and hearing the word in sentences and conversations. Watch that video for more tips. Of course, our series of videos in English Success also includes several videos on vocabulary that allow you to hear the word, see the word, and see a picture that represents the word. To learn more, visit ontargetenglish.com/success.

Suman, thank you for your question about improving your vocabulary. If anybody else has a question about learning English, you can post it at bit.ly/askmyquestion.

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  • Shampa Thakur

    Reading is good "Passive" way of improving vocabulary, but when you are resorting to making lists, that is "Active" method. Problem with active method of learning words is that it is cumbersome and boring, and you doing retain and unless you use it in writing sentences to apply the word, very little chance is that you increase your lexical size.
    Improve Your Vocabulary - VocabMonk is an active learning tool which is personalized and makes sure you grasp the learnt words by applying it. It is lot of fun too as you can play vocab challenges with your friends.
    Give it a shot!

  • pui may

    if you say there are 1million words . that makes it 2 hundred thousand words for 20 % instead of 2 thousand words for 20%

    • Hi, pui may. I think you're referring to these statements from the video: "There are 1 million words in the English language. The good news is that if you know just 2,000 words and their word families, you can understand 90 to 95 percent of everyday English usage."

      Now, I realize that 2,000 words is only 0.002% of 1,000,000 words. But with those 2,000 words, you can understand 90 to 95 percent of everyday English usage, because the rest of the 1,000,000 words are used less frequently than the 2,000 words that are in the General Service List.

  • reva

    i like this video more much..my problem is i can't talk in english..help me how to start

  • I would like to thank you first, because after seen this video I understand that how can I improve my vocabulary skill.

  • Excellent video clip, I can teach my son with the help of your guidelines. Because of he is weak for English grammar and vocabulary words.

  • Anonymous

    Realy, I don't know how can I thank you ?
    I have no word to say, thank you so much.

  • Ashraakram

    i enjoyed this video very much..it give us a self confident within us.thank you very much..

    • It's good to know that the video gives you more confidence to use English.

  • Afrika133

    i liked this video   and i enjoyed   iwant to improve my  english but   i dont know   where to start my writng and speaking in english is  not  good please  help me if you cant     thank  you

    • I recommend starting by making sure that you know all the words in the General Service List.

  • filippo rota

    I liked this video por its simplicity and practiness. It contains things that any student of english can follow

    • I'm glad that you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.