English Success

English Success is an online English course that uses video, social media, and other tools to teach you English. Alfredo will inspire you while he teaches you English pronunciation, writing, grammar, listening, and vocabulary. You will be able to understand and speak English better.

The Plan for English Success

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Unit 1: Commitment

English Success

Day 01 Learn English with English Success

Day 02 Introduction to simple present-tense verbs

Day 03 Pronunciation of s and es endings

Day 04 What are count and noncount nouns?

Day 05 Future time - will or be going to?

Day 06 English vocabulary for clothing

Day 07 The commitment of Dalip Singh Saund

Day 08 English vocabulary to describe personality

Day 09 English vocabulary for physical appearance

Day 10 The negative form of simple present-tense verbs

Day 11 Contractions for negative forms of simple present-tense verbs

Day 12 Introduction to present progressive (continuous) tense verbs

Day 13 Pronunciation of the ng sound

Day 14 The commitment of Thomas Edison

Day 15 Present-progressive (continuous) verbs in negative statements and yes-no questions

Day 16 Simple present or present-progressive (continuous)?

Day 17 Pronunciation practice for s endings

Day 18 Using the helping verb will for present time

Day 19 Pronunciation of contractions for future time

Day 20 Pronunciation of double contractions for future time

Day 21 The commitment of Harriet Tubman

Day 22 Using present-tense verbs to express future time

Day 23 Introduction to future progressive (continuous) tense verbs

Day 24 Five tips for making nouns plural

Day 25 How to make nouns possessive

Day 26 Plural nouns that become adjectives

Day 27 Practice labeling count and noncount nouns

Day 28 The commitment of John F Kennedy

Day 29 Expressions of quantity for any nouns

Day 30 Expressions of quantity for count or noncount nouns

Day 31 Conclusion to English Success, Commitment

Unit 2: Adventure

English SuccessDay 1 Learning English is an adventure.

Day 2 Simple past tense - introduction and negative forms

Day 3 Pronunciation of the past-tense verb endings -ed and -d

Day 4 English articles a, an, and the

Day 5 Pronunciation of th, part 1

Day 5 Pronunciation of th, part 2

Day 6 Vocabulary for reserving a hotel room and arriving at a hotel

Day 7 An English-learning adventure (listening, part 1)

Day 8 Vocabulary for hotel amenities

Day 9 Vocabulary for hotel types (listening, part 2)

Day 10 Yes-no questions, part 1

Day 11 Yes-no questions, part 2

Day 12 Past-progressive verbs, part 1

Day 13 Past-progressive verbs, part 2

Day 14 Vocabulary for hotel types (listening, part 3)

Day 15 Vocabulary for vehicles and vehicle parts

Day 16 Vocabulary for getting a driver's license

Day 17 Vocabulary for vehicle traffic

Day 18 Simple past verbs or past-progressive verbs

Day 19 Practice your pronunciation of the past tense

Day 20 Practice your pronunciation of th

Day 21 Vocabulary for hotel types (listening, part 4)

Day 22 Vocabulary for driving a vehicle

Day 23 Vocabulary for public transportation on the ground

Day 24 Vocabulary for public air transportation (flight)

Day 25 Practice choosing English articles

Day 26 Using English articles in stories

Day 27 English articles with generic nouns

Day 28 An English-learning adventure (listening, part 5)

Day 29 English articles with geographical names

Day 30 Pronunciation of the articles a, an, and the

Day 31, Part 1 Vocabulary for hotel types (listening, part 6)

Day 31, Part 2 Conclusion to English Success Unit