October 25, 2016

Learn English with English Success

The video for Day 01 of English Success shows a conversation modeling grammar and vocabulary from this unit.

What commitments are Jennifer and Michael making?

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Are you ready to make any commitments? Are you trying to form any good habits? Could having more energy or making new friends help to improve your English skills? Answer one or more of these questions. You can do that by adding a comment below.


On Twitter, use the hash tags #ontargetenglish and #day1 in your answer to this question:

How can Michael and Jennifer keep their commitments? What are your ideas that can help them?


#OnTargetEnglish #day1 They need a plan. Michael has one, but does Jennifer? And they need to be accountable to other friends.

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  • Hager Aymen

    Yes , I am ready for commitment . I am trying to improve my writing skills and I'd love to speak with people to improve my English skills

  • Eng@love

    I'm ready for commitment as I really want to excel this beautiful but tricky language,not only speaking wise but ace it grammatically and vocabulary wise.

  • Shaz

    Yeah.I'm ready for commitment.I really wanted to be strictly discipline to myself.I even set my time and goal within these 30 days and I think making a new friend also is another alternative way to improve way.

  • Fartahi Youness

    i am ready to commitment: i realy need to improve both speaking and writting skills. and in order to do so i am ready to follow all your instructions .

  • Poe

    I am so ready anytime, but still never to read and write fluently English. By having more American friends could have you improve commination skills, but its hard when you are learning and you have no confidence to try to get a new friends.

  • Manali

    Yes i m ready for commitement. i want speak fluent english with my colleagues..waiting for that day..

  • haneen

    Ready for commitment. can't wait to speak English fluently,, it's one of my challenges for 2016.

  • gem libra

    yes i am ready for commitment.which will improve my english and my capacity to be more talkative as well..

  • bensassi

    yes i am ready for commitments.

  • Manoj

    I'm ready for the commitment that in the coming one month I will give my best to learn English. I will follow all the instructions religiously and I'm sure after one month there will lots of changes in my self.


    yes i am ready for commitments.


    yes i love to do as it benefits me for my life

  • Sami Urrehman

    i am up :) Fingers crossed :) Yayy

  • Rathika

    hi, I try to speak English but i can't speak. Now, I want to improve my english skills, may you help me?

  • praveen

    hello, Now i have decided to learn more things about English communication and past three year i have wasted it. I am happy to start my communication development at now.. i hope i will learn and break free communicated in english within 60 day...

  • Hamdi Abdelhamid

    I want to improve my English skills, but I have a problem to find a partner.

  • Sachin

    My commitment is I want to be a professional fluent in english conversation in one month.

    • Arindam Saha

      Thats Great Bro.I really appreciate your devotion towards English Language..



    • Arindam Saha

      Well,Thats Great friend...

  • Margrete Rose

    My commitment is I will be fluent in english conversation in one month.

  • Margrete Rose

    #OnTargetEnglish#day1 both of them need a plan.Michael should move according to his plans and must follow them strictly and Jennifer should improve her listening skills.

    • Arindam Saha

      Yes,i agree with you but i want o ask you one thing how good listening skills help jennifer to make new friends.I think jennifer has to focus more on speaking in polite manner to make new friends...

  • meenu

    i commit to improve my English in one month.

  • Dania

    i will commit to learning languages to be able to travel the whole world.. :)

  • junior

    am also commited in seaking and writing english so that i could be able to speak fluently english, apart from that i need friends who can help each other so that we could be able to reach our goals

  • guru

    I will commit to workout daily at least for 1/2 hour. and more important to maintain 75% to speak English in 27/7 life

  • Rakesh

    i want to make fluent English speaking.And communication skills.To speak English with my friends and my family members.And i really want to lean very very fast English.

  • Akhilesh Mehta

    I want to make commitment that I will improve on my communication skills and will be fluent in english conversation in 1 month

  • Monika

    i want to become fluent in english in one month ,this my commitment.

  • Eu

    I'm gong and need to improve my English in one month, this is my commitment.

  • Juniper

    I am ready to challenge myself to improve my English and its nice to meet new friend that share the same goal and commitment with me. Lets take this challenge within one month and make it as a good habit.

  • vaalu

    m lso here to learn english successfully....i hope
    ur site ll be more helpful tothat..

  • salamath

    yupz!!! My commitment is also to improve my english knowledge and making new friends those who are good at English.

  • Rekha

    Yeah. I am going to improve my English. It's my commitment. And making new friends of english knowledge will help me to improve my english skill I hope.

  • Guest

    I am going to bed early in the night and getting up early in the morning so that i have enough energy for the day. I am going to learn better english.

  • jagdeesh

    I am ready to make comitment!

  • Anirban Mukherjee

    yes i am committed to make myself a good human being.for doing that i need to develop some good habits,first of all i should stop envying others whether on personal or professional front.making new friends is definitely going to help me in enhancing my english skills .

  • Nandi

    yes i m also committed to learn English

  • Reem

    Yes, I'm commitment to improve my skills in 30 days.

  • Ashwini

    i m also commeted to learn english fluently..and i know that on Target English is very helpful for that.. thank you..

  • jyothi

    i commeted to learn english fluentlyyy

  • sowjanya

    i committed to learn English fluently

  • keahav

    I make commetment to learn or speak english in a month i do this task very seriously thanku....:-)

  • lily

    yes, i agree that making new friends will improve our speaking skills and we can learn many new facts!
    i make a commitment to learn english in a month.

  • rohan

    I am fully committed to learn this language and sure I will complete this task

  • deepika

    I am so excited to learn English through this website. today is my first day for commitment. Friends I want to improve my spoken and writing skill so I m going to take commitment I will perfect in English with in month.

  • sangram

    friends my comitement is not only improve my communication skills but also be agood spoaker of verbal english communication over 30 days
    and also try to working on my grammers which will helps me to be good in english

  • Dharsha

    1. I am going to be better in english and that is my commitment. I know i have to improve my english grammer and sentences while I write or speak. Because of that, i have joined a really cool course called "On Target on English". They are going to help me with my english, via videos and e-mails. I am also going to read books in this period. I am really excited and i know i will do it well.

    2. I am going to get good habbits because i will be more interested in reading, watching videos and talk english!

    3. If I succes this commitment, i will probably get more friends to talk with, and have fun while talking english!

  • Newcomer

    Starting today, I am going to challenge myself to exercise yoga every single day for 30 days and also run 1-2 miles every other day. I will also finish a book or two by the end of this month. Moreover, I will practice English, try to make friends, although it is a little difficult to meet people with whom I could easily become friends here, in a small town I live in. By the end of this month I will improve my English speaking skills and also learn a new vocabulary every day. In addition to all of the above, I will study for GRE for 2 hours every day for the next 30 days. I am extremely excited to follow all these challenges i set for myself this month and hopefully by the end of the month I will see improvements, especially in my English speaking ability.

  • rama

    i committed to improve my English within this month