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The video for Day 01 of English Success shows a conversation modeling grammar and vocabulary from this unit.

What commitments are Jennifer and Michael making?

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Are you ready to make any commitments? Are you trying to form any good habits? Could having more energy or making new friends help to improve your English skills? Answer one or more of these questions. You can do that by adding a comment below.


On Twitter, use the hash tags #ontargetenglish and #day1 in your answer to this question:

How can Michael and Jennifer keep their commitments? What are your ideas that can help them?


#OnTargetEnglish #day1 They need a plan. Michael has one, but does Jennifer? And they need to be accountable to other friends.

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  • Kevin Juan

    it's time for me to make my commitment. i will start may first day at 1 march 2017 until 1 April 2017 to learn more about english. i hope my english improved.

  • Aniket Kumbhar

    long way to go, though interesting

  • Prashant

    Yes I am ready to make commitments. I am trying to learn English and that is good habit. Certainly having more friends will improve my English.

  • Sharu Mathi K

    yeah,as of now my commitment is to learn to speak English in 30 days and to continue speaking in English in rest of my life.

  • KM

    Yes,I'm ready to make a commitment . I want to improve my English speaking skills and being a confident person. And i have made this commitment for my interview. yes i am ready for challenge.